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Welcome to the Reception class blog!

Every Friday we will publish a post to share all of the exciting learning that has been going on in Reception at St Charles’.

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Thank you,

Miss Elsdon, Mrs Khanum and Reception Class☺


There’s a burglar about…

This week in Reception we came into a crime scene! We discovered that our class cuddly dog ‘Smartie’ had been taken, as well as lots of items from our home corner. Upon further investigation, we realised that it must’ve been Burglar Bill!

We read the story of Burglar Bill, and decided that we needed to make wanted posters to find Burglar Bill and get our items back. The children made some fantastic wanted posters, drawing pictures of Burglar Bill and doing some fabulous writing! We also had a go at making our very own Burglar Masks!

In RE this week to celebrate the end of our first topic ‘Myself’, we planned and attended our first collective worship. We decided to hold it in forest school, and chose special items for the focal point. We reflected upon how precious we all are to God, and set a mission of sharing how the message of how precious we are to each other. We can’t wait to start our new topic – ‘Welcome’!

We then each created a piece of beautiful autumnal spiritual art, where we listened to music and reflected upon how precious we are.

We have been thinking more deeply about shapes this week in maths, focusing on naming 2D and 3D shapes and identifying some properties. We have been doing lots of lovely shape-related activities to support our learning!

Talking homework – what 2D and 3D shapes can you find when you’re out and about?

Have a lovely weekend!

Miss Elsdon

Clean Heroes

What a busy week we have had in Reception!

On Tuesday, we had a visit from the School Nurse. She taught us all about the importance of washing our hands properly. We watched a video featuring ‘Dirty Beastie’ and ‘Sally Suds’ and then had a demonstration of the perfect hand-washing method.

We then had a go at practising perfect hand-washing at the sink. We all received a sticker and a colouring sheet from the School Nurse as a ‘well done’. All of the children were very grown up and should be extremely proud of themselves.

We were also introduced to our new topic this week – ‘Real Life Superheroes’. We read the book ‘Everyday Heroes’ and talked about what it means to be a hero. The children loved sharing who their heroes were!

Alfie – My granddad is my hero because he can do everything

Noah – My mum is my hero

We loved dressing up as police officers and construction workers outside!

In maths this week we were learning all about counting! We went off in groups and counted objects out to make some beautiful Autumn pictures! If only we could hang them up on a wall.

Talking homework – talk at home about who your hero is and why!

Have a lovely weekend.

Miss Elsdon

Recycling Week!

I cannot believe we are halfway through the first half term already – time is flying so we must be having fun!

This week in Reception we have been focusing on Recycling Week. We have learnt all about the importance of recycling and done lots of fun recycling-related activities, including designing our own recycling poster and some junk modelling too!

In RE this week we shared Gods love with one another. We danced to the song ‘Happy’, and when the music stopped we hugged our friends and told them “God loves you”. We then picked the name of one of our friends out of a box, and included them in a special prayer.

Well done for another brilliant week Reception.

I can’t wait to see you all on Monday to start our brand new topic…’Real Life Superheroes’!

Miss Elsdon

Busy busy busy…

We have had another super busy week in Reception!

In Maths we have been learning about 2D and 3D shapes, so we went on a shape hunt around the school to find shapes in the environment. The children wowed me with their knowledge of shapes and their properties!

We also went on our first visit to our school library. Before we went, we discussed why we need to be quiet in a library, and how it is very important to put books back in the right place ready for the next person! We had lots of fun exploring the books.

Today we had our first forest school session with Ms Owens – we had so much fun and can’t wait for next week already!

Thank you for your continued support and enjoy your weekend!

Miss Elsdon

Finding our feet…

Our first full week in Reception is done! I am so proud of how well the children have all adapted to the new rules and routines.

This week we have spent time getting to know each other through exploring the areas both inside and outside.

We have also started to learn our first set of phonics sounds!

In RE, we talked about how we are all unique and individual, and how God loves us all and knows us by our names.

Today we had lots of fun celebrating Roald Dahl Day! We wrote our names on our very own golden tickets, played with chocolate gloop and painted a chocolate river.

I hope you all have a lovely weekend and have plenty of rest ready for more fun next week!

Miss Elsdon ☺