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Welcome to the Reception class blog!

Every Friday we will publish a post to share all of the exciting learning that has been going on in Reception at St Charles’.

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Miss Elsdon, Mrs Khanum and Reception Class☺

The Caterpillars are Hungry!

So our caterpillars arrived last week and boy how they’ve grown! We have been so excited watching their progress every day and we can’t wait until they form chrysalides! To further enhance this exciting new addition to our classroom, this week all of our learning has been based around the classic story ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’. Just look at some of the exciting activities we have got up to:

In Literacy this week we have been working hard to sequence key events from the story to support our learning of the lifecycle of a butterfly, verbally recalling the stages and writing some short captions.

In maths our focus has moved to position and direction. We have been doing lots of fun and exciting activities to get us moving and using that positional language in a practical way, such as playing ‘Miss Elsdon says’ and working in groups to make mega obstacle courses!

I think my personal highlight of the week however was definitely our fantastic RE lesson! We learnt all about how and why the church family gathers together to celebrate mass, however all of this learning took place in a makeshift church! The congregation sat on the pews and then lined up down the aisle to receive the bread and wine from the Parish Priest. We had so much fun and we’re definitely feeling more prepared for our church visit next week!

Well done Reception for showing so much enthusiasm for learning!

Talking homework – can you talk at home about how mass is celebrated in church? If you would like to, draw a picture to illustrate all of your fantastic knowledge. You could also be preparing questions to present to Father Bill on our visit next week!

Have a restful weekend.

Miss Elsdon x

Spring has Sprung!

What a busy week down in Reception! World Book Day, caterpillars arriving, Fairtrade fortnight…and that’s just a snippet of what we’ve been up to!

In literacy this week we have been writing invitations for an animal of our choice to come to tea. We’ve had unicorns, tigers, butterflies and snakes, all now en route to Gosforth!

In maths at the beginning of the week we continued to master our understanding of halving and sharing, making those crucial links between doubling and halving! Towards the end of the week we did lots of shape work, linked to our focus book for World Book Day – Changes, Changes!

Speaking of World Book Day, we had an absolutely fantastic day. It was so lovely to see so many of you join us for ‘Breakfast with a Book’, and thank you for all of your donations. I was blown away by the costumes – just look at how fantastic we all looked.

Well done to the children and parents for all of your hard work and effort.

Talking homework – can you tell your family and friends about the life cycle of a butterfly? Now that we have our caterpillars we’ll be able to start noticing all of the interesting changes! If you would like an extra challenge, have a go at drawing the stages!

Happy Friday!

Miss Elsdon x

When a Tiger Came to Tea…

Welcome back! I hope you are all feeling well-rested after the half term break and are ready to start another exciting term in Reception.
This week all of our learning has been linked to ‘The Tiger Who Came to Tea’. We have LOVED linking our learning to this fantastic story from our Literary Heritage.

Image result for the tiger who came to tea

This week in literacy we have been working in groups to carry out some role play. We acted out parts of the story in the home corner using costumes and props. Some of us even decided to change our tone of voice and facial expressions for added drama. We had so much fun!

Our focus in maths this week has been sharing and halving. We were introduced to some new vocabulary, and talked about how halving is splitting into 2 equal groups, whereas sharing can be done between many groups! We used lots of practical resources, and particularly enjoyed sharing pizza between our mini mes!

In PE this week we kicked off our new DDMIX dance topic. We began by dancing using different parts of our body, practising moving in isolation. We then paired up and practised mirroring our partner’s moves – we were so good Miss Elsdon couldn’t tell us apart!

As part of our learning about Shrove Tuesday, we couldn’t let it pass us by without taste testing some pancakes. We talked about which toppings were healthy options, such as banana and lemon juice, and which ones weren’t so healthy. We discussed how we can have syrup as a treat, as long as we remember to brush our teeth properly and don’t have it often!

We found out some very exciting news yesterday… we are getting class butterflies! When they arrive they will be caterpillars, but if we look after them and care for them in the right conditions, they will eventually grow into beautiful butterflies. We were so excited that we decided to turn ourselves into butterflies by making some butterfly wings using all of our craft resources. We were very busy, and we had lots of tidying up to do afterwards!

Well done for a marvellous first week back.

Talking homework – talk at home about what makes a good letter. What features does it need? If you would like to, practise reading/writing letters, as this will set you up well for next week!

Have a fantastic weekend.

Miss Elsdon x

Happy Holidays!

Can you believe it – over halfway through our Reception journey!

This week our focus book was ‘Mr Gumpy’s Outing’. We loved reading the story and adding our own actions. For our adult-led literacy, we had to write extended sentences/words to retell parts of the story. We produced some fantastic writing! We also did lots of activities linked to the story.

In maths this week our focus was on time. In Reception, this entails using everyday language related to time, and being able to sequence familiar events. We also explored lots of different ways of measuring time, such as clocks, watches, sand timers and stopwatches.

In PE this week to complete our gymnastics unit, we had a go at exploring different equipment, experimenting with moving in different ways.

In RE this week to complete our mini topic on Islam, we talked about how Muslim people live their lives. We looked at objects that are special to Muslim people, such as prayer mats, a Quran, a Qibla compass and a taqiyah. We had the opportunity to ask lots of questions to find out how our school religion is the same and how it is different to Islam. We were particularly interested to find out that the Quran is written and read from right to left!

We ended the week by doing lots of lovely activities to celebrate Valentine’s Day. We discussed how Valentine’s Day is a special day for celebrating and sharing messages of love. We talked about the people in our lives who we love, and how we are going to celebrate with them.

A HUGE well done for another fantastic term in Reception. Thank you so much to all of the parents for all of your continued support – it really does make all the difference!

Talking homework – talk about what you love to do the most, do it, take lots of pictures and share your half term experiences on Tapestry.

Have a lovely well-deserved break and I look forward to hearing about what you get up to. See you back for another fun-filled term before you know it!

Miss Elsdon x

What a Naughty Bus!

One more week left of Spring 1 – where has the time gone?!

This week Reception’s focus book has been ‘Naughty Bus’ by Jan Oke. Myself and the children have LOVED this book and discussing the clever use of photography visual art within the text. It can be found on YouTube if you want to listen to it at home!

We found out that Naughty Bus had been up to no good in our very own classroom! We wrote some extended sentences to form a narrative of Naughty Bus at St Charles. We had lots of fun doing it, letting our imagination run wild and produced some blow-Miss-Elsdon’s-socks-off writing.

In Maths this week we moved away from number to spend some time thinking about measure. We began the week being introduced to the term ‘capacity’, doing lots of practical activities to fill different containers to full, half full, nearly empty etc in order to solve some word problems.

For the second half of the week we moved on to looking at weight. Again, we kept it very practical by thinking of words to describe weight and then going on a hunt around the classroom for objects that were heavier/lighter than one another.

In RE this week we began our 2 week topic on Islam in order to explore different faiths. We began by looking at something familiar to us, focusing on the word ‘precious’. We talked about what is precious to us and drew our most precious object.

We were introduced to the Bee Bots this week and we absolutely loved them! We talked about how they are very clever computers have to be programmed by us to tell them what to do. We learnt all of the functions ready for when we use them to support our positional language learning next term.

Give yourselves a pat on the back for more fantastic learning this week Reception.

Talking homework – talk about time. What time of day do you do certain things and how can we measure time? For an extra challenge, draw a comic strip of key events that happen every day, such as waking up, eating breakfast, getting dressed etc. You can choose whether you do it on a school day or a weekend!

Have yourselves a lovely little weekend and I’ll see you on Monday for more adventures!

Miss Elsdon😊 x

Happy Chinese New Year!

Reception have enjoyed a second week of Chinese New Year celebrations. Some of us went to Chinese New Year celebrations on Sunday and we loved talking about this as a class. We learnt ‘The Story of Nian’ which told us where lots of the Chinese New Year traditions came from.

In literacy this week we have been writing instructions on how we made our Chinese noodles last week. Miss Elsdon was so proud of our wonderful writing!

We have been focusing on using the bar model to find number bonds within 10 in our maths lessons. We have been using lots of practical resources to do this.

In PE this week we learnt different types of rolls. We talked about the importance of tucking our heads in properly and using safety mats so we don’t get hurt.

You should all be proud of your hard work this week!

Talking homework – can you think of your favourite picture book? What do you like about the pictures/illustrations? If you would like to, have a go at recreating some of the illustrations at home.

Happy weekend.

Miss Elsdon x

Chinese Takeaway!

Reception have had a fantastic week learning all about Chinese New Year. On Monday we learnt all about what Chinese New Year is and how it is celebrated. We found out that people all across the world Celebrate Chinese New Year – even in Newcastle!

We have done lots of lovely activities linked to this theme, including making Chinese dragons, playing with real noodles (!!!) creating lanterns and lots more. Just look at what we got up to:

In Literacy this week we have been focusing on features of non-fiction texts. We talked about how non-fiction books give us facts and information, whereas fiction texts are storybooks that we read for pleasure. For our adult-led task, we chose an animal, drew a picture and wrote sentences to create an animal fact file. We worked so hard!

In Maths this week we were introduced to subtraction! We loved listening to the pirate subtraction song and joining in with the problems as we sang along. We used lots of practical resources to support us, including counting objects and Numicon.

In PE this week, as part of our jungle gymnastics topic we started to think about moving like different animals and how we could use our bodies in different ways. We split into corners and were each given an animal to create a sequence of movements for. We then put on a show for the other corners, and they had to guess which animal we were.

Our favourite part of the week was making Chinese noodles in the hall with Mrs Clasper – some of us found them a bit too spicy!

Well done for another fantastic week.

Talking homework – talk at home about what instructions are. Maybe have a look at some different examples. If you would like a real challenge, have a go at writing some cooking instructions. This will come in very handy next week!

Have a restful weekend.

Miss Elsdon x

Telling Tales…

We have had such an exciting week this week! Inspired by the story Handa’s Surprise, this week we have written a story adaptation as a class. Thinking about the 5 Ws (who? what? where? when? why?), we thought about what elements of the story we could change. We decided that our story would be about a boy named Jack who wanted to take a shopping basket of food along Gosforth High Street to his friend, only to be intercepted by a greedy unicorn, a cat, a dog and a seagull! We let our imaginations run wild!

Linked to this, we have been having some interesting Science lessons where we have talked about what it means to be healthy. We have looked at what makes up a healthy diet, and have done lots of exciting activities related to this.

In Maths this week we have been focusing in on identifying one more/one less than given numbers to 10. The children are so good at this now and I have really seen their confidence increase!

In RE this week we have continued talking about celebrations. We listened to the story of Jesus in the Temple and did a class story map to support our learning. Some of us were even inspired to do our own story maps!

Well done for your hard work this week Reception!

Talking homework – talk about what non-fiction means…we’ll be learning more about this next week!

Have a lovely weekend.

Miss Elsdon x

Welcome Back!

Welcome back everyone. I hope you all had a lovely break spending time with friends and family – we certainly had lots of stories to tell this week!

We have kick-started the Spring term by being introduced our theme of ‘Journeys’. We looked at the story Handa’s Surprise in order to develop our understanding of stories from other cultures. We loved all of the fun Play to Learn activities linked to the book. We did observational drawings of fruit in a basket, used playdough to make fruit to fill Handa’s basket and made our own African necklaces!

We practised balancing fruit on our heads (real and pretend!) and we played with a small-world Handa’s Surprise after finding out more about life in African village.

We even had a go at some fruit tasting in our literacy lesson. We tried avocado, passion fruit, mango and pineapple, and then wrote some sentences describing the fruit using our senses.

We produced some amazing writing based on Handa’s surprise, where we had to draw the fruits in Handa’s Basket and write sentences to match. Our independent writing is coming along so well!

In maths this week we have been focusing on mastering our number knowledge. We have been looking at one more/one less and at different ways of representing numbers, such as using Numicon, fingers, tally marks and tens frames.

I am so pleased that everyone has come back to school raring to go. Here’s to another fantastic and exciting term in Reception!

Talking homework – talk at home about what you would put in your shopping basket if you could buy whatever you liked (this will come in very handy in Literacy next week!).

Happy weekend!

Miss Elsdon x

Merry Christmas Everyone!

We made it! Can you believe we’ve been in Reception together for 15 weeks?!

We have had a fun-filled last week, with a live rock band performance on Monday and a visit from Mr Merlin the magician on Wednesday!

We then had a lovely Christmas party with all of our friends, where we watched a Cbeebies pantomime and ate our party food. We enjoyed pretending that we were at the theatre!

In RE, we had our final collective worship of the year, where we talked about the reasons why we celebrate Christmas. Our mission was to share the true meaning of Christmas with our families and friends.

When we come back after Christmas we will be thinking about stories from other cultures, beginning with ‘Handa’s Suprise’. The children have shown a real interest in the world around them, so that is something we will explore more next half term.

Talking homework – do you know any stories from other cultures? Talk about them at home and be prepared to share your ideas when we come back after Christmas.

Please do share Tapestry observations over the holidays – I really do love to see what you get up to.

Well done everyone for a fantastic first term – you’ve all worked so hard and should be very proud of yourselves. Have a well-deserved break and have fun celebrating!

Miss Elsdon x