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Welcome to the Reception class blog!

Every Friday we will publish a post to share all of the exciting learning that has been going on in Reception at St Charles’.

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Miss Elsdon, Mrs Khanum and Reception Classâ˜ș

Double, Double, Toil and Trouble…

This week in Reception we have been working so hard learning all about doubles! We have done lots of practical activities to support us in our doubling, such as doubling baubles in the sandpit and decorating a doubling Christmas tree with baubles!

In RE we have continued our focus on the Nativity story. This week are Christmas elf Cracker was very naughty, and mixed up all of our Nativity pictures! We had to work together as a class to recall the key events in the story so we could put the pictures back in the correct order.

Our focus book this week has been Stick Man, which we have loved so much so are continuing it next week too! We have been familiarising ourselves with the story, ready to create a class story map next week.

We have all absolutely loved welcoming special visitors for Stay and Play sessions this week – it was so lovely to see you all and the children thoroughly enjoyed having people to show off all of our hard work too!

Talking homework – discuss the story of Stick Man with people at home – what is Stick Man used for? This will come in handy when we create our story map next week!

Have a lovely festive weekend.

Miss Elsdon x

A-Weigh in a Manger!

This week in Reception we have been starting to feel all festive! Our tree went up yesterday and the children helped Mrs Haley to decorate it with baubles. They needed lots of reminders not to put more than one bauble on each branch! We have also put tinsel and stockings around the room, and it is definitely beginning to look a lot like Christmas down in Reception.

In maths this week we have been continuing to look at measure, but this week we moved on to thinking about weight. We discussed how objects can be heavy or light, and we learnt all about how we can use scales to help us weigh things. We listened to a very catchy song about an elephant which introduced us to key vocabulary!

In RE this week we began thinking about advent. We talked about the reason why we have our yummy chocolate advent calendars, and we discovered that the period of advent begins on Sunday. We talked about why we have to change our liturgical cloth to purple today in preparation. We were also introduced to the Nativity Story. We listened to it and then had a go at some story sequencing, recalling the key events. Some of us had a go at making some stick puppets of the characters from the story, and retold the story in our own unique way.

Talking homework – have a go at retelling the Nativity story at home with friends and family – if you would like to you could draw a picture or do some writing and bring it into school to share!

Have a lovely weekend and I shall see you all next month!

Miss Elsdon x

How Long Now?

This week we had our first Nativity practise in the hall! We’re getting amazing at singing the songs now, it’s just our lines we need to perfect! Before we know it it’ll be time to put on the performance of our Reception lifetime in front of families and friends.

In literacy this week we read ‘Aliens Love Underpants’ by Claire Freedman. We learnt about rhyming words, and did lots of activities linked to the funny story. We laughed our socks off when talking about “granny’s spotted bloomers”!

In maths we started learning all about measure. We began by talking about words related to size such as ‘big’, ‘small’, ‘tall’ and ‘short’, and we ordered items by size in Play to Learn time. We were fascinated by tape measures, and took to the classroom measuring tables and chairs and ourselves too!

In RE this week we began our advent topic by discussing birthdays. We talked about why and how we celebrate birthdays, sharing what we did on our most recent birthday. Miss Elsdon then told us that it was Smartie, our class dog’s 8th birthday. We discussed how we could help him to celebrate. During Play to Learn time we had so much fun wrapping presents, making cards, designing party invitations and throwing Smartie a well-deserved birthday party! Next week we will begin to link this to Jesus, talking about why we celebrate Christmas.

Talking homework – can you talk at home about weight in preparation for maths next week? Maybe have a go at weighing some different objects you find at home and talking about how heavy and how light different objects are.

Happy weekend!

Miss Elsdon x

Adding Machines in Outer Space

Reception have been working SO hard this week.

In literacy we have been continuing to look at ‘Whatever Next’. After listening to the story a couple of times, we knew it very well so we made our own story map using pictures and key words.

In maths, we have continued focusing on addition. We have discovered that there are so many ways to help us add numbers. We can count on our fingers, use Numicon, counters, objects, tally marks and many more! We have been looking at the part-part-whole model and the bar model, and have loved exploring this during Play to Learn!

The children are responding so well to all of the lovely space-themed activities. This week some of us had a go at making our own crazy aliens out of playdough!

In RE this week we finished our topic on Judaism by exploring Hanukkah. We talked about the special food that Jewish people eat, looked at a real Menorah and counted the candles and did some Hanukkah-related activities during Play to Learn.

I think our favourite part of the week had to be meeting Pip, our lovely cuddly school dog, for the very first time. We weren’t allowed to touch her because she is so tiny, but we all waved hello and made her feel welcome.

Talking homework – can you talk at home about what advent is in preparation for our new RE topic?

Have a restful weekend.

Miss Elsdon x

Let the Space Adventure Begin!

Welcome back everyone. I hope you all had a lovely half term and I can’t believe how much you’ve grown in a week!

We have kicked off our second term by venturing into Space. We read ‘Whatever Next’ by Jill Murphy, and in Literacy we worked in groups to read items off a list to pack Baby Bear’s suitcase for his moon mission.

In Maths this week we started thinking about addition. We have been doing lots of practical activities to support our learning!

In RE, we began a two-week topic on Judaism. We introduced some objects that Jewish people use in their religion, and compared these to some of the objects we have, for example we compared the cross to the Star of David. We talked about special days of the week ready for learning about Hanukkah next week.

Talking homework – can you do some practical addition when you’re at home or out and about? I’d love to see it on Tapestry!

Have a lovely weekend.

Miss Elsdon x

What a MAD Week…

I blinked, and the first half term is over! I can’t believe how much the children have grown and progressed in just 8 weeks. We have worked so hard and I think we’re definitely ready for a break.

We have had a lovely last week of term celebrating MAD (music, art and design) Week. The theme across the school was endangered animals, and each phase had to choose an endangered animal to focus in. Nursery/Reception chose to learn all about tigers!

We all had to create a piece of art based around our chosen animal. We focused on the book ‘Augustus and His Smile’ by Catherine Rayner, and used this as inspiration for our artwork!

Image result for augustus and his smile

To create our art, we used tiger stencils and chose orange/brown shades to mix and fill the stencil to make a tiger outline. We then used different leaves and covered them in green/yellow paint to create a jungle background. The next day when our paint had dried, we used black fineliner pens to add our own individual detail like tiger stripes, eyes and whiskers! We were so pleased with our finished pieces.

We were so happy that so many of our families wanted to buy our work!

We then had a go at making a ‘tiger trail’ by using a basic sewing technique to weave orange wool through holes in black paper – this was quite tricky for our small fingers!

We were also feeling very musical this week, and formed a tiger band who sang a range of songs from ‘Down in the Jungle’ to ‘Shotgun’!

We had such a fun-filled week, but definitely need a break to recharge our batteries ready for next term.

Talking homework – share your wonderful holiday adventures on Tapestry to talk about in our first week back!

I hope you all have a lovely break and thank you for your continued support.

Miss Elsdon x

All Aboard the Pizza Express…

Wow – what a week! Reception is always full of busy, but we have been particularly excited this week as we went on our first trip to Pizza Express!

Miss Elsdon and Mrs Khanum were very proud that 32 4/5 year-old children walked over a mile with no complaints! They were all ever so grown up.

When we arrived, we went to wash our hands to get rid of any germs – just as the school nurse taught us! We then put on aprons and our very own chefs hats and took our place at the table.

We then talked about how dough is made and what ingredients go into it. We had our own dough to feel and smell! We were given our own pizza bases, and we had to use our fingers to form a crust.

We then added tomato sauce, and used the back of a spoon to spread it around evenly in an ‘o’ shape – we even chanted “all around the orange” as we went! We then added lots of yummy mozzarella!

Whilst our pizzas were cooking in the 270 degree oven (!!!), we had the chance to try some typical pizza toppings. The children were very brave at giving things a try!

I hope you all enjoyed a week full of pizza-related fun, and I can’t wait to see you all on Monday for one final MAD Week before half term…

Talking homework – chat at home about what it means to be ‘endangered’ in preparation for next week…

Get plenty of rest this weekend.

Miss Elsdon x