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Welcome to the Reception class blog!

Every Friday we will publish a post to share all of the exciting learning that has been going on in Reception at St Charles’.

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Miss Elsdon, Mrs Khanum and Reception Classâ˜ș

Chinese Takeaway!

Reception have had a fantastic week learning all about Chinese New Year. On Monday we learnt all about what Chinese New Year is and how it is celebrated. We found out that people all across the world Celebrate Chinese New Year – even in Newcastle!

We have done lots of lovely activities linked to this theme, including making Chinese dragons, playing with real noodles (!!!) creating lanterns and lots more. Just look at what we got up to:

In Literacy this week we have been focusing on features of non-fiction texts. We talked about how non-fiction books give us facts and information, whereas fiction texts are storybooks that we read for pleasure. For our adult-led task, we chose an animal, drew a picture and wrote sentences to create an animal fact file. We worked so hard!

In Maths this week we were introduced to subtraction! We loved listening to the pirate subtraction song and joining in with the problems as we sang along. We used lots of practical resources to support us, including counting objects and Numicon.

In PE this week, as part of our jungle gymnastics topic we started to think about moving like different animals and how we could use our bodies in different ways. We split into corners and were each given an animal to create a sequence of movements for. We then put on a show for the other corners, and they had to guess which animal we were.

Our favourite part of the week was making Chinese noodles in the hall with Mrs Clasper – some of us found them a bit too spicy!

Well done for another fantastic week.

Talking homework – talk at home about what instructions are. Maybe have a look at some different examples. If you would like a real challenge, have a go at writing some cooking instructions. This will come in very handy next week!

Have a restful weekend.

Miss Elsdon x

Telling Tales…

We have had such an exciting week this week! Inspired by the story Handa’s Surprise, this week we have written a story adaptation as a class. Thinking about the 5 Ws (who? what? where? when? why?), we thought about what elements of the story we could change. We decided that our story would be about a boy named Jack who wanted to take a shopping basket of food along Gosforth High Street to his friend, only to be intercepted by a greedy unicorn, a cat, a dog and a seagull! We let our imaginations run wild!

Linked to this, we have been having some interesting Science lessons where we have talked about what it means to be healthy. We have looked at what makes up a healthy diet, and have done lots of exciting activities related to this.

In Maths this week we have been focusing in on identifying one more/one less than given numbers to 10. The children are so good at this now and I have really seen their confidence increase!

In RE this week we have continued talking about celebrations. We listened to the story of Jesus in the Temple and did a class story map to support our learning. Some of us were even inspired to do our own story maps!

Well done for your hard work this week Reception!

Talking homework – talk about what non-fiction means…we’ll be learning more about this next week!

Have a lovely weekend.

Miss Elsdon x

Welcome Back!

Welcome back everyone. I hope you all had a lovely break spending time with friends and family – we certainly had lots of stories to tell this week!

We have kick-started the Spring term by being introduced our theme of ‘Journeys’. We looked at the story Handa’s Surprise in order to develop our understanding of stories from other cultures. We loved all of the fun Play to Learn activities linked to the book. We did observational drawings of fruit in a basket, used playdough to make fruit to fill Handa’s basket and made our own African necklaces!

We practised balancing fruit on our heads (real and pretend!) and we played with a small-world Handa’s Surprise after finding out more about life in African village.

We even had a go at some fruit tasting in our literacy lesson. We tried avocado, passion fruit, mango and pineapple, and then wrote some sentences describing the fruit using our senses.

We produced some amazing writing based on Handa’s surprise, where we had to draw the fruits in Handa’s Basket and write sentences to match. Our independent writing is coming along so well!

In maths this week we have been focusing on mastering our number knowledge. We have been looking at one more/one less and at different ways of representing numbers, such as using Numicon, fingers, tally marks and tens frames.

I am so pleased that everyone has come back to school raring to go. Here’s to another fantastic and exciting term in Reception!

Talking homework – talk at home about what you would put in your shopping basket if you could buy whatever you liked (this will come in very handy in Literacy next week!).

Happy weekend!

Miss Elsdon x

Merry Christmas Everyone!

We made it! Can you believe we’ve been in Reception together for 15 weeks?!

We have had a fun-filled last week, with a live rock band performance on Monday and a visit from Mr Merlin the magician on Wednesday!

We then had a lovely Christmas party with all of our friends, where we watched a Cbeebies pantomime and ate our party food. We enjoyed pretending that we were at the theatre!

In RE, we had our final collective worship of the year, where we talked about the reasons why we celebrate Christmas. Our mission was to share the true meaning of Christmas with our families and friends.

When we come back after Christmas we will be thinking about stories from other cultures, beginning with ‘Handa’s Suprise’. The children have shown a real interest in the world around them, so that is something we will explore more next half term.

Talking homework – do you know any stories from other cultures? Talk about them at home and be prepared to share your ideas when we come back after Christmas.

Please do share Tapestry observations over the holidays – I really do love to see what you get up to.

Well done everyone for a fantastic first term – you’ve all worked so hard and should be very proud of yourselves. Have a well-deserved break and have fun celebrating!

Miss Elsdon x

One Week to Go!

Wow – what a busy week we have had in Reception. Two Nativities completed and we’re definitely ready for a rest this weekend.

We are feeling SO proud of ourselves this week. We were all absolute superstars in the Nativity, and the hard work most definitely payed off. We were so pleased to see such an amazing turnout – there wasn’t even enough seats for everyone! We felt like true performers. Thank you so much to everyone who came along to show your support – we couldn’t have done it without you.

This week we have been continuing our work on doubling in maths. As well as this, we have started mastering our number recognition and ordering skills with numbers up to 20. We talked about what how teen numbers come in between 10 and 20 and ALWAYS have a 1 first.

We thoroughly enjoyed our Christmas lunch today, and loved eating with our teachers whilst listening to Christmas songs. We truly are getting into the festive spirit now.

Well done for all of your hard work this week Reception – you made me all SO proud.

Talking homework – talk about your favourite Christmas traditions with your family and friends. What makes you super excited for Christmas? For me it’s making a gingerbread house whilst watching Elf!

Have a well-deserved rest this weekend (parents included!).

Miss Elsdon x

Double, Double, Toil and Trouble…

This week in Reception we have been working so hard learning all about doubles! We have done lots of practical activities to support us in our doubling, such as doubling baubles in the sandpit and decorating a doubling Christmas tree with baubles!

In RE we have continued our focus on the Nativity story. This week are Christmas elf Cracker was very naughty, and mixed up all of our Nativity pictures! We had to work together as a class to recall the key events in the story so we could put the pictures back in the correct order.

Our focus book this week has been Stick Man, which we have loved so much so are continuing it next week too! We have been familiarising ourselves with the story, ready to create a class story map next week.

We have all absolutely loved welcoming special visitors for Stay and Play sessions this week – it was so lovely to see you all and the children thoroughly enjoyed having people to show off all of our hard work too!

Talking homework – discuss the story of Stick Man with people at home – what is Stick Man used for? This will come in handy when we create our story map next week!

Have a lovely festive weekend.

Miss Elsdon x

A-Weigh in a Manger!

This week in Reception we have been starting to feel all festive! Our tree went up yesterday and the children helped Mrs Haley to decorate it with baubles. They needed lots of reminders not to put more than one bauble on each branch! We have also put tinsel and stockings around the room, and it is definitely beginning to look a lot like Christmas down in Reception.

In maths this week we have been continuing to look at measure, but this week we moved on to thinking about weight. We discussed how objects can be heavy or light, and we learnt all about how we can use scales to help us weigh things. We listened to a very catchy song about an elephant which introduced us to key vocabulary!

In RE this week we began thinking about advent. We talked about the reason why we have our yummy chocolate advent calendars, and we discovered that the period of advent begins on Sunday. We talked about why we have to change our liturgical cloth to purple today in preparation. We were also introduced to the Nativity Story. We listened to it and then had a go at some story sequencing, recalling the key events. Some of us had a go at making some stick puppets of the characters from the story, and retold the story in our own unique way.

Talking homework – have a go at retelling the Nativity story at home with friends and family – if you would like to you could draw a picture or do some writing and bring it into school to share!

Have a lovely weekend and I shall see you all next month!

Miss Elsdon x